It's Your Campus, We Just Make it Portable.
We donít have to tell you the challenges of marketing to the TiVo-watching-MySpace-checking-ear-bud-wearing-instant-messaging teens of today. Not only are they extremely tech savvy, but they also can sense an ad campaign coming at them from miles away. Yet somehow, you have to entice them to visit your campus.

Enter ViewU. ViewU creates downloadable, professionally produced, entertaining and informational Webtours that will convince prospective enrollees to make those all-important site visits. Every Webtour is accessible directly from your schoolís home page for students to load to their iPods, burn to DVDs or link to their MySpace pages. And since ViewU hosts all the data, we take care of all the technical aspects for you. That means youíll have absolutely no drag on your bandwidth.
Press Play and view a sample ViewU Campus Webtour.
Every ViewU Webtour is completely customized to your school and easily shared virally from user to user, laptop to laptop, iPod to iPod.

Welcome to the campus webtour, ViewU style.

  *This demo is illustrative of the tone, style and pacing of a typical ViewU Webtour and is in no case representative of any specific school. Enjoy.   More Info Contact ViewU  
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